Connected Smart Car / e-Mobility

글로벌 운전자 행동 및 HMI UX 연구

We researched behaviors based on driver’s characteristics & unmet needs through the Video Ethno. & Interview, and then built Behavior Model and discover HMI UX Ideas

3륜 Micro-모빌리티 클러스터 UX/UI/GUI 디자인

UX/UI/GUI Design for Smart e-Mobility

외국인용 영문 네비게이션 사용성 평가

Usability test of English Navigation targeting foreigners

차량용 휴먼 머신 인터페이스 인간공학 평가

Ergonomic Evaluation of HMI by Eye movement analysis and usability test

고급 세단용 통합 AVN UI 디자인 및 프로토타입 개발

We derived UI concept and principle and reflected the outcome through Prototype UT.

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Connected Drive Android Smartphone & AVN UI/GUI 개발

A service that connect the car and smartphone. UI/GUI Design maintaining AVN Identity and considering Connectivity issue

스마트카용 AVN UI 디자인 가이드라인 개발

UI Guideline Design in consideration of electric car or economical AVN’s various input methods and screen sizes

커넥티드 카용 UX 리서치 및 아이디어 개발

Connectivity UX issue finding between a car of USA, France, Korea and smartphone / Analyzing driving environment and issues by country