Connected Smart Car / e-Mobility

Global Driver’s Behavior and Discover HMI UX Study

We researched behaviors based on driver’s characteristics & unmet needs through the Video Ethno. & Interview, and then built Behavior Model and discover HMI UX Ideas

Three Wheels Micro-Mobility Cluster UX/UI/GUI Design

UX/UI/GUI Design for Smart e-Mobility

Foreigners English Navigation Usability Test

Usability test of English Navigation targeting foreigners

Car HMI Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic Evaluation of HMI by Eye movement analysis and usability test

Integrating AVN UI Design / Prototype Development for luxurious sedans

We derived UI concept and principle and reflected the outcome through Prototype UT.

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Connected Drive Android Smartphone & AVN UI/GUI Development

A service that connect the car and smartphone. UI/GUI Design maintaining BMW AVN Identity and considering Connectivity issue

Smart Car AVN UI Design Guideline Development

UI Guideline Design in consideration of electric car or economical AVN’s various input methods and screen sizes

Connected Car UX Research & Ideation

Connectivity UX issue finding between a car of USA, France, Korea and smartphone / Analyzing driving environment and issues by country