Mobile Application

PET Application UI · GUI Design


  • Pet Healthcare UI · GUI Design for users who have pets (cats and dogs)
  • Provides health monitoring information and insights linked to devices for pets such as tableware and checkers
  • Intuitive and consistent UI application for data (numerical, graph) and text-based information/insight delivery
  • GUI Concept that uses pet illustrations and increases visibility of graph information

(* The above image is to help understand the project.)

MYPOOL Application UI · GUI Design


  • Educational UI · GUI Design (Responsive) for language lectures
  • Flexible UI design considering usability of moving between lecture process and the menu
  • Consistent UI design for integration of three language services
  • Motivating UX elements and GUI design
  • Concept considering the characteristics of educational services and identity of the firm
Usability Test of ‘S’ credit card company (Using Eye-tracker)


  • User eye-tracking research for improve card application UX
  • Analysis of user behavior and eye movement tracking in the process of performing the application task
  • Collecting user experiences about the key benchmarking points
  • Deriving key insights for improving card application UX
Android, iOS App. works with Wearable device and Server Development


  • Android, iOS ver. Mobile Application Development
  • Contents Strategy: Feature Definition and direction setting
  • UX Design considering User Activity Pattern Scenario
  • Information Architecture, Sitemap, Wireframe
  • Application Principle, Interaction, Notification, Animation, Navigation UI Design by sensor linkage
  • A friendly character design that helps users walk properly and manage their health care
  • Create Visual Concept Design, GUI Guideline
  • iOS/Android App software programing
HA Smart Home Appliances Smartphone App. UI


  • Application UI to share data or control home appliances by linking smart home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners, smart refrigerators and smart ovens with a smartphone
  • Provides auxiliary functions to enhance smart life considering the lifestyle patterns and usage behavior of home appliances and smartphones
  • Consistent UI design of HA home appliances
  • Concept UI Design and User verification