Smart Mobile Device

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smartphone App, UI

  • Development of the Smartphone Application UI to remotely control the robot vacuum cleaner in the home
  • Cleaning and cleaning schedule, monitoring using mounted cameras, and feeding by sending RF signals to pet feeders.
  • 1st: Concept UI Development for CE Show
  • 2nd: Development of UI for mass-production

Guidance Robot Development of UX / UI / GUI Design

  • Define Robot Service Design with Field & Desk Research
  • Derives needs and insights from users who will use the robot
  • Deriving UX concepts and defining key Feature, Interaction logic, and IA
  • Design of UI Scenario and Wireframe for Robot
  • Development of Visual Concept, GUI Design and GUI Guideline

Evaluation of the Korean People Application Usability

  • Propose improvement direction through eye tracking analysis
  • Eye tracking data analysis
  • Deduct of Pain point and Needs

Wearable Device and Server-linked Android, iOS App Development

  • Andriod, iOS version Mobile Application Development
  • Contents Strategy: Definition and Orientation of Feature
  • UX Design Considering User Activity Pattern Scenarios
  • Information Architecture, Sitemap, Wireframe
  • Policy, Interaction, Notification, Animation, Navigation UI Design by Sensor Interaction
  • A friendly character design that helps users walk right and take care of their health
  • Visual Concept Design, GUI Guideline development
  • iOS/Android App software programing

Samsung Card Eye-Tracking Investigation

  • User eye-tracking investigation to improve card application UX
  • Analysis of user behavior and eye movement in the process of performing application task
  • Collecting user experience related to key benchmarking points
  • Derives key insight to improve card application UX

Samsung Card Usability Diagnosis Investigation

  • New Digital Channel Main Page/Process Usability Validation and Improvement Points
  • Analysis and training of eye tracking data
  • New digital channels (app dedicated to card recruiters) Validate key pages/process usability and derive points for improvement points

UI Improvement by utilizing HDTV Service Log Data

By collecting HDTV users data, extraction of quantitative data such as menu usage frequency, hours of use, usage patter and etc. were made and conclusion on usage pattern was made.

System Air-conditioner for managers Tablet & Mobile App UI/GUI Design

UI Logic Design and existing UI/GUI usability improvement considering administrator’s task

Stylus pen UX Factor Development

Research factors that effected on writing experience and specification standard that user wants / Concept sketch, UX Scenario

Smart School Tablet App. UI Development

App. Concept and UI Guideline development for business tool and collaboration

Skin Care Smartphone App. UI Development

Skin diagnosis and a servie connected with Care device Smartphone
Skin care by skin types and connection service with hospital