Digital Channel Service

금융사 디지털 서비스 채널 경쟁력 평가

Understanding user’s Competitiveness about Four financial corporations’ Digital Service Channel, Suggest the improvement direction through expert’s analysis / Digital Channel such as PC, Web, Mobile

카드사 디지털 채널 사용성 평가

Conducting test about PC, Mobile, Web/App of Cards Digital Channel

SNS 어플리케이션의 사용 행태 연구

Researching SNS Using pattern of young users / Progress in casual condition, VOC & Insight Collection

TESCO-HomePlus Point card 사용자 조사

Improvement direction and Ideation through using pattern research of Point Card and Web, App

HP’s support forum Site 사용성 평가

Korean users’ UI Usability Test about HP’s support forum Site / Analyzing Using Pattern through Morae Software