Government R&D

소프트웨어 UI/UX 컨설팅 지원

Software UI/UX consulting target to small businesses / Analyzing environment, UI Improvement through qualitative/quantitative research

Mining Minds 플랫폼 기반의 헬스케어 UX 개발

Healthcare Curation Service UX Development by using Personal Big Data

자전거 스포츠 및 관광 서비스를 위한 스마트 헤드웨어 및 컨텐츠 기술 개발

Combine bicycle riding environment with Smart Headwear / Smart Headwear System UX Concept & Display UI Development

스마트 근골격 인공 대체기기 기술 개발

Providing UX concept by ergonomic analysis about steps and angle through the observation of the effect according to user’s walking pattern, environment and the weather.