Medical & Healthcare

의료기기의 글로벌 사용자 평가

Medical device expert usability test in USA, Germany Evaluate medical device’s UI/UX, and discover improvements

POCT 의료기기의 UI 디자인 개발

Minimize the examining time, Touch panel of blood analyzers UI Design considered a usability contex of multitasking

스마트 근골격 인공 대체기기 기술 UX 개발

Providing UX concept by ergonomic analysis about steps and angle through the observation of the effect according to user’s walking pattern, environment and the weather.

전자현미경 PC 어플리케이션 UI/GUI 디자인 개발

Taking a small electron microscope image considering the using order and moving line, UI design of an application / Company Identity, GUI Design which can check images easily

빅 데이터 플랫폼 기반의 헬스케어 UX 개발

Healthcare Curation Service UX Development by using Personal Big Data

헬스케어 IT 솔루션의 사용자 리서치

Hospital IT application field research such as treating by using IT and communication with colleagues