Here is a brief description of the equipment used by U2 system.


• Eye Tracker

– System that is used to analyze eyes attention or visual search patterns.
– The measured value is used to help improve the layout of displayed products and screen menus.


• Document Camera (Ziggi)




– Ziggi is an education’s premier document camera.
– The measured value is used to project live image onto screen through LCD Projector.


• EMG (Eletromyography)

– System that measure muscle fatigue and activity during working task.
– The measured value is used to provide guideline of standard postures during working.


• EEG (Electroencephalogram)

– System that measure brain activity on user of external stimuli.
– The measured value is used to interpret user emotions while manipulating the product.


• HFMS (Hand Force Measurement System)

– System that measures the pressure generated between the user’s skin and the product and presents the result in graph form
– The measured value refers to the physical demand on the use while manipulating the product (e.g., jog dial)


• LUX Meter

– Device that measures the intensity of illumination within the work environment.
– The measured value is used to help improve the working environment.


• Goniometer

– Instrument that is used to measure the angle of a body part
– The device measures the angle involving the human body in a particular position to be evaluated  (e.g., neck angle, upper arm angle, antebrachial angle).