Solution (Security · Military)

KISTA Security Solution (Unexpected Symptom) UX Design


  • To develop a security program that can discover abnormal symptoms in the SAP database
  • Graph expression and design proposal for the method of expressing abnormal symptoms, which is the purpose of the program
  • Patents research and benchmark the visual representation of security companies and derive UX factors
  • Provides a visual graph design proposal by creating a motif from UX factors
  • Derive a UX design development strategies through UX research
  • UX · GUI design based on Human Touched Design
  • Apply and data design ideation motivating from the shape of nature
  • Apply easy and intuitive user-friendly data visualization
Small size Unmanned Aerial Vehicle GCSW (Ground Control Software) PC App UI · GUI Design


  • UI · GUI Design for ground control of Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft
  • Apply UI design considering the arm-mounted laptop environment with touch display
  • Analysis User Scenario
  • Intuitive and fast UI for unmanned aerial vehicle flight control and risk management
  • Apply GUI Concept considering the feature of SW for military