R&D Project

VOICE CADDIE Usability Test


  • Sports Tracer usability Evaluation
  • Provides information about exercise amount and posture by analyzing movement information for 3 types of sports
  • Build an evaluation environment based on real-world usage scenarios
  • Select evaluation factors based on the usability factor of ISO-0241-11 and evaluate the value of the service additionally
Upgrading database for accumulation of user experience information of transportation


  • Accumulate the electric kickboard user experience data and user experience evaluation
  • Extract the user experience factors for personal transportation for leisure purposes and analysis of user experience evaluation
  • Extract user experience factors for the micro electric vehicle loading space
  • Extract user experience factors for sharing kickboard
  • Complementing and upgrading the user experience factors of electric kickboards, electric carts for leisure, micro electric vehicles and sharing kickboards in the established PM user experience DB
Convergence new product empirical usability test using the Smart Safety Living Lab base


  • Analysis new products (2 types) and usability test and user experience evaluation
  • User and environment analysis of target products (child safety check cushion, wearable air purifier)
  • Select usability and user experience evaluation index and establish the evaluation protocol
  • Conduct and analyze user and usability experience evaluation for real users
  • Derive improvements to improve product usability and user experience
Product Design Guideline development using Size Korea Data


  • Development of design guidelines using the Korean body size database (Size Korea)
  • Development universal design for leg-related general design, customized design of handheld vacuum cleaner and customized design of camping equipment.
  • Conduct the design guideline conformity evaluation using prototype and analysis
Developing a product and service for a Portable Multi-in-One smart care purifying product adapting ICT and module design technology


  • Develop a modular filter that can respond to the water quality of the environment
  • Development of water quality measurement sensor
  • Develop an ICT service technology that provides a water quality information platform which collects real-time measured water quality data and display it a a map
Mining Minds core technology development using Personal Big Data


  • Develop the platform and healthcare service for providing customized service through situational awareness and analysis of user’s health status, behavioral awareness, survey, personal information collected through SNS
  • R&D project conducted by a number of universities and companies
  • UI · GUI design of service application and service direction proposal based on the user research to provide healthcare service of users of 40-50 generations
Smart Headwear and Content technology Development for bicycle sports and tourism services


  • Analyze user needs and bicycle driving environment
  • Bio-signal-based user monitoring UX Research
  • User-centered public bicycle local tourism UX strategies
  • Smart Headwear service UX design
  • Develop an Interaction Map between objects for safe bicycle driving
  • Develop a business model for public bicycle service incorporating Smart Headwear
  • UX concept and display UI design of Smart Headwear system
  • Analyze the bicycle navigation related interface and UI design
  • Infographic design of smart sensor based exercise monitoring data and Visual Design
SME products Usability Test & Ergonomic Design Consulting


  • Conduct usability evaluation of SME products
  • For products in planning stage, conduct service design and concept developing
  • For products in prototyping stage, propose the development direction and improvement factors
  • For new product development, derive pain points of existing product and propose guidelines to be applied to new product by collecting user’s needs
  • Conduct untact research from task-based research to user diary
SME products Service Design Consulting


  • Supplements used with perfume
  • Exercising equipment by injecting air
  • Analyze real users and competitors through market research
  • Analyze issues by each factor through FAW analysis
  • Derive strategies by each factor through SWOT analysis
  • Needs & Pain Point by users through Persona
  • Propose strategic directions through trend research by each field
  • Propose service strategic concepts and users’ needs